9/13/08 New Release: 0.0.2

This new release is a major improvement over the last release. While saving maps (in either AKS .map or our native .hrm) is still not ready, importing of AKS maps should now be completely finished. The major changes for this release are support for multiple layers and the ability to set the hex geometry when creating a new map. All the known bugs from 0.0.1 have also been fixed, and I've updated the capabilities lists at the bottom of this page to indicate what works, what's on-going, and what's broken.

9/8/08 Initial project creation

New project, new website! The SF project has been created and the first release is out. Arr-Kelaan's website appears to be down right now, and has been for the last few days. If the website has moved, please let me know so that I can post updated links.


HexReMapper allows the user to create customizable hex-based game maps. It is modeled after Arr-Kelaan's Hexmapper but includes an easier to use GUI, support for more than two layers, and the ability to resize and shift maps. It is able to import Hexmapper tiles and maps, and can also import and export any image format known to wxWidgets (BMP, JPEG, PNG, and several others). It will eventually support arbitrary geometries, rather than the current fixed-size hex tiles.

The HexReMapper project has no affiliation with the original Hexmapper program or its creator (Arr-Kelaan Software, AKS). HexReMapper was written from scratch in C and C++ and is loosely based on the original program (which is excellent; if you don't need the more advanced functionality that HexReMapper aims to provide or can't wait for a feature, you should check out the original).

What works?

The following features work in the latest release:

  • Importing AKS tiles and maps
  • Exporting maps using several image formats (anything known by wxWidgets)
  • Placing a single tile
  • Placing multiple tiles by dragging the mouse
  • Setting the tile size and geometry (setting the angles of the hexagon)
  • Placing tiles on multple layers
  • Arbitrary images on a layer

What doesn't work?

The following features don't work, or are broken for the latest release, but are planned features for the near future.

  • Resizing a map
  • Shifting a map
  • Filling a space with the selected tile
  • Exporting AKS tiles and maps
  • Rotating tiles
  • Setting the geometry of the layout (vertical vs horizontal grid)
  • Saving a map in native HRM format
  • Arbitrary drawing on an image layer

Known bugs are listed below; these should be fixed in the next release (hopefully).

  • Importing an AKS map will create an extra AKS Transparent layer

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